Are the majority of questions here actually asked by people?

I was recently confronted with a number of relatively basic questions, almost all of which appeared to have no asker. Are those questions actually asked by people, or are they provided by moderators for other purposes?

1 Answer
Jan 22, 2017

Of course.


I should start by mentioning that all the questions that you see on the site were actually asked by people, not just the majority of questions.

However, not all of the questions were asked on the site.

More specifically, many of these questions were asked by students on the Socratic app. The team collects these questions and adds them to the site.

This means that the site is getting questions from students with accounts, i.e. students who log in and post their questions on the site, and from students who use the app.

This is why you see questions that apparently have not been asked by a specific person. I explained this in more detail in this old answer.

So no, the moderators are not providing these questions for other purposes :D