Are there any limitations of the science associated with global warming?

1 Answer
Apr 2, 2018

A couple, but none that decrease the certainty of anthropogenic climate change.


One limitation is that we can't "prove" that the greenhouse gases we are releasing are the ones causing climate change. There's simply no way to watch every #"CO"_2# particle float into the stratosphere and cause climate change.

That said, we can prove literally everything else surrounding it: we can prove the chemistry of greenhouse gases, that the climate change we are experiencing is in no way natural, and most importantly, we can prove that there is no other force that could be causing climate change but us.

That's really the only "limitation" I can think of. However, there's no physical, chemical, or statistical way that climate change could be the result of any force on earth other than ourselves. For perspective, claiming that the Earth is flat because the pictures of a spherical Earth are photoshopped and the people who sailed around the world are lying is about as ludicrous as saying climate change isn't our fault.