What are some facts that go against the idea that global warming is caused by humans?

1 Answer

The past history of climate change that was not caused by humans. False predictions based on theories that turned out to be incorrect or incomplete.


There is abundant evidence that the earth has undergone numerous cycles of warming and cooling in the past. The climate changes that occurred in the past were not caused by humans as human's had little impact on global climate in the past.

Al Gore and other advocates of the theories of global warming and climate change being caused by humans made many predictions ( hypothesis) based on the theories of man made climate change. The amount of ice in the Arctic and Antartica has increased not decreased as predicted by the theories. Good theories make good predictions and bad theories make bad predictions.

The evidence of past non human climate change before the industrial revolution and predictions that have not come true have both raised questions about the accuracy of the theories of man made climate change.