Are there any prepositions in the following sentence? If there are, what are they?: The bridge was built before the start of winter.

1 Answer
Apr 19, 2018

"Before the start" and "of winter" are both prepositional phrases in this sentence.


Prepositional phrases are phrases that describe. They can appear anywhere in the sentence. If you remove them from the sentence, the sentence will still make sense. Prepositional phrases start with a preposition and end at the object of a preposition.

Prepositions tell where, when, or how. Some common prepositions are to, with, of, above, before, after, and because.

In this case, the prepositional phrases can be found after the verb, describing when the bridge was built. The second prepositional phrase tells when the start was, and is therefore modifying the object of the preposition, start, in the first prepositional phrase.

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