Can anyone give me an idea about scratchpads and how I can use them?

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May 17, 2018

Use it however you like!


Here are some of my Scratchpads:

enter image source here

The top one hasn't been named, but is just an answer I was trying to write and couldn't get it to be logical, so I saved it as a Scratchpad to come back to later.

The second one was pictures of something that I was going to send someone as a message here on Socratic. They wanted to see where I lived in the world, so I sent them a picture of my home town. (And no - I didn't make it 2 minutes ago, I just edited the title).

The third one was an accidental "Secret" Scratchpad, as I was trying to accomplish that same thing as I said above. A Scratchpad must be public in order to send it to someone else (and I didn't know that).

The last one is just math equations to copy and paste into answers as a quick shortcut. I've forgotten to use it recently, so there are not many equations yet, but I keep adding on to it.

enter image source here

Parzival Z. has a good public math Scratchpad here.

So you can use Scratchpad for whatever!

  • Answers in the making
  • Math or other equation shortcuts
  • Things you think you will use again (like parts of an explanation that come up a lot and you will use again)
  • Pictures to send on messaging :)