Can food aversions be related to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) ?

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Feb 12, 2016




People suffering from food aversions, or eating disorders, often express OCD like tendencies as both disorders are common in perfectionistic characters. The need for things to be perfect or in a certain way could lead to obsessions and rituals associated with OCD or a desire to be "perfect" that is satisfied by losing weight or dieting.

Some people with OCD also have aversions to food for other reasons, and may avoid eating due to complicated rituals associated with it, or if eating a certain foodstuff would interfere with a certain "rule". For example, if food has to be eaten in a specific order, or has to be a certain colour, then a meal that doesn't accommodate these requirements may be avoided.

I hope this helps, I have tried to keep it brief, but if you would like more information send me a note and I would be very happy to extend the answer:)