Can socratic be something that could be put on a resume? Just curious.

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Absolutely yes. It's how to do it that is key. Below are some ideas:


Let's first talk about what a resume is - which is a piece of paper summarizing a list of accomplishments and personal history that is used as a way to start a conversation with a prospective employer about whether or not you are appropriate to fill a job.

Would a reference to work done on Socratic be appropriate? If so, how would Socratic be listed?

There are several ways I can foresee Socratic being listed on a resume:

  • Work Experience - this is usually the category people are looking at when applying for a job and also looking at a blank sheet of paper that will be transformed into a resume. If the job someone is looking at applying for involves education, an applicant's activity on Socratic would be very appropriate.

  • Skills and temperament evidence - So what if the job being applied for has nothing to do with education, but instead does involve someone being a self-starter, being dedicated to a task, being passionate about something (which every employer I can think of wants to see). Being able to show consistency in contributions on a website would be a great way to show these kinds of skills and personal temperament.

  • Charitable activities - Employers love seeing that an applicant has a life beyond work and volunteering for a charity is a great way to show that. Each and every contribution to Socratic is an act of charity.

Of course with all of these, the more activity over a longer period of days will look better on a resume (spending 1 hour per day for a month being a contributor on Socratic looks much better than spending 12 hours on one day).