Can we become anonymous in socratic org just like in yahoo answers??

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Mar 22, 2017




First of all, Socratic and Yahoo! Answers are not really on the same level when it comes to the type of content that they host. Socratic is dedicated to helping students with science and math, while Yahoo! Answers covers a wide variety of different subjects.

In this regard, you can think of us as being a very specialized version of Yahoo! Answers.

As far as I know, Yahoo! Answers allows users to post and answer questions anonymously because of the more subjective and private nature of some of the subjects they host on their platform.

Now, as far as our Socratic accounts go, we are all anonymous to a certain degree. Socratic does not force users to reveal their identities or share private information in the profile bio.

So you can pretty much be anybody you want on Socratic. The email address that you used to create your account is private, i.e. it's not visible to the other contributors.

So you are already pretty anonymous if you ask me! :D

We ask users to create accounts in order to

  • ask questions
  • post answers
  • edit answers
  • leave comments on answers

We do not ask users to create accounts in order to

  • view content on the site [Socratic is and will always be free]
  • send thank-you notes to a contributor [the notes that you have listed on your profile page]