Can you explain the processes of condensation, evaporation, and precipitation in the water cycle?

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Mar 7, 2016

Water cycle is just the movement of water molecules from 1 phase to another which is having some **processes like evaporation, condensation and precipitation.


Water is the one of the most important resources which is present on earth and is a gift for all of us from nature.

Water is present on earth in the same quantity as it was when earth was created.

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Water Cycle is the movement of #H_2 O# Molecules from one phase to another in the atmosphere or our near surrounding.

Water cycle comprises of some basic steps which include:-

1) Evaporation
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First of all Water is evaporated from the rivers, lakes, oceans and other water bodies present on earth under open sky especially during the summer time when sun is burning at its highest in the year. These water droplets form water vapour and move up towards the sky.

2) Condensation
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We all know that as we more and more above the sea level the temp. starts to decrease and that is why these water vapour when they go up towards the sky they start turning again into water droplets but this time they form clouds.

3) Precipitation
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Third and the last of all is precipitation.
When the clouds are formed then they start blowing with the winds and in a particular season the clouds broke and the water droplets fall in form of Rain and sometimes sleet in the plains. Snow, Hail and sleet in the mountainous or higher altitude regions and join rivers, lake, oceans again.

Now as this cycle continues the water again forms clouds and precipitate on earth