Clad or Clothed? which one to use?

They are both past form of clothe. But is there any difference b/w them?

1 Answer

Both should be correct if referring to the wearing of clothes and so the choice turns to the feelings the words beget. See below for more:


Clothed is a more restrictive term, referring specifically to clothing. Clad can refer to clothing but also to any sort of covering.

When referring to clothing, either word can be correct and so the choice will fall to the feel of the word. For instance, "clad" to my ear sounds like a word I'd use in a fantastical setting (whether it's for a fantasy genre or perhaps a description of something spiritual or divine). Consider:

In my dream, the knight was clad in brilliant colourful silks.

In my dream, the knight was clothed in brilliant colourful silks.

"Clothed" seems a bit more mundane to me. Consider:

The lawyer was clothed in a Louis Vuitton suit.

The lawyer was clad in a Louis Vuitton suit.