Could there be a Socratic Geography section in the future?

2 Answers
Jan 20, 2017



At the top of the Socratic page, you should be able to select different categories (Chemistry, Statistics, Socratic Meta, etc.) If you look at the column furtherest on the right, there's the "What's next" option. Here you can see what upcoming subjects are in development and you can also suggest future subjects that aren't listed at the bottom of the page.

If enough people suggest geography and enough people sign-up to become founders, Socratic will have geography as a subject.

Aug 18, 2017

"Categories" are really based on interest and application.


Geography questions are more often based on questions of World History, Earth Science, Environment, Biology and Sociology (not a Socratic Category).

While "new" categories are always possible, even some of the more recent requests had some difficulty achieving the milestones necessary to move from a trail basis to a permanent one.

Even a very specific question about geography will likely be noticed and answered if it is posted in one of those related categories.