Cups A and B are cone shaped and have heights of #32 cm# and #15 cm# and openings with radii of #5 cm# and #8 cm#, respectively. If cup B is full and its contents are poured into cup A, will cup A overflow? If not how high will cup A be filled?

1 Answer
Sep 27, 2016

Volume of Cup A is not greater than Volume of Cup B. Yes Cup A will overflow if you pour all liquid content of Cup B


Volume of a cone can be computed by #V=pi*r^2*h#

r should be taken as average radius which is half of radii on open side.

Now V cone A is 628.32 cubic centimeter
and V cone B is 753.98 cubic centimeter.

If you empty cone B to cone A, all the liquid will be in cone A and 128.66 cubic centimeter of liquid will overflow from cup A.