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Difference between Co-Factors and Co- enzymes?

Is Co-enzyme protein or non-protein molecule?

Is Co-enzyme protein or non-protein molecule?

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Feb 12, 2018


See Below, and visit this site for more information.


Differences Between Cofactors and Coenzymes

i) A Cofactor is a non-protein chemical compound (inorganic or

organic). It is bound to the protein and it is needed in the biological

activity of the enzyme. They are also called helper molecules.

However, A Coenzyme is a non-protein organic molecule.

It carries chemical groups (phosphate, chlorides, etc.) between

enzymes; but it is not regarded as a part of enzyme's structure.

Actually, a Coenzyme is one of the two types of cofactors.

The other one is Prosthetic groups. E.g. Vitamins.

Hope this helps, and I want addition of facts here.

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