Do we get karma for asking questions?

I was thinking that if we ask a question that someone else finds, it could help them too. I think that's a way to indirectly help others.

1 Answer
Mar 23, 2017



Posting questions will not bring you karma. Karma is currently reserved for

  • creating an account and completing your bio
  • answering questions
  • editing answers
  • 'likes' that you get for your answers

You can find more info on how karma works on this page.

So karma is pretty much a reward for answers, not for questions. You are right, asking a question that someone else finds can be thought of as a way to indirectly help others, but it's much easier to focus on an answer than on a question.

At the end of the day, your question will only be helpful if it gets answered, which is why karma covers answers, not questions.