Do you think the Founders' concerns about government are as valid today as they were in the 1700s?

1 Answer
Apr 10, 2018



The fear of a government becoming oppressive and limiting individual freedom that the founding fathers wrote the constitution and the Bill of Rights is still valid.

The British Government had revoked the charters of the colonies that guaranteed the "rights of Englishmen" to the colonists. King George regarded the colonists as tenants that needed the his personal control and direction. Oppressive taxes, (without representation)Restrictive Regulations, ( no movement over the mountains, no factories in the colonies, no trade with other nations besides England) Lack of individual power. ( Removing elected governors, dissolving local assemblies.)

The present American government seems to seeking to impose political correctness on all Americans. The federal government is becoming more powerful while the state governments, and individuals are becoming less powerful. freedom of speech is being restricted. Taxes are becoming more oppressive. The government is even seeking total control over the health care.

Baron de Montequie correctly stated that any person or group of people that achieved power would abuse that power to maintain and extend that power. The power of government must be limited in order for personal freedom to exist.