Does social isolation cause anti-social behavior?

1 Answer

For me, It's "Maybe", Social Isolation doesn't necessarily lead to anti-Social behaviors, Anti-social behavior by definition, are actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others.


There are people, who choose to socially isolate themselves from others. They choose to avoid interacting with other people, because some these people, are already comfortable with their safe space, away from the judgement of the cruel world. If they are in their ManCaves or Safe-shape Den, they aren't robbing people, killing anyone, hurting anybody except Ofcourse, your mothers, who kept telling you to have a job and so you could leave the house already.

While there are some people, who doesn't choose to be socially isolated, but the society, her family and community kept pushing her away, Then he gain access to alcohol and drugs, she realized these are her only friends. she gets addicted, then she would think of ways to stay addicted, like Simple Robbery and Theft, sell her body for prostitution and even Robbery and Murder.

In conclusion: Cause A doesn't automatically result to Effect B, there are still other variable to consider before you can say two things have a relationship.