Does your karma get affected if a person likes your answer than unlikes it?

I know that when a person likes an answer, the contributor gets additional karma. But if that person then unlikes it, will you lose the karma you earned for the like? Thanks.

1 Answer
Mar 9, 2018




You will not lose the amount of karma that you get when a person gives you a "like" if that person then unlikes the answer. Once someone hits that little red heart, the karma that you receive cannot be taken away by unclicking the "like" button.

The same is true if, for whatever reason, your answer to a question is deleted, meaning that you get to keep all the karma that you accumulated before the answer was deleted.

Since karma is not affected by unliking or deleting answers, your badges and your levels are not affected, either.

More specifically, your level and your badge in a particular subject will not be affected if someone unlikes your answer or if your answer is deleted.

Bottom line #-># the amount of karma you have cannot decrease.