Ecological succession occurs because?

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Gradually, from simple to complex plants and animals succeed on the bare lands.


  1. The simple organisms colonize on the bare lands. Gradually, the simple plants and animals succeed on the bare lands. Finally, the higher plants and animals colonize. It is called ecological succession.
  2. The ecological succession may be in the water or lands. They are hydrosere and xerosere. Thank you
Jan 23, 2017

Ecological succession takes place because through the process of living, growing and reproducing the organisms interact with and affect the environment within an area, gradually changing it.


For example a bare patch of ground will not stay bare. It will rapidly be colonised by a variety of plants. In the process of succession , the species present in an area will gradually change.
Each species is adapted to thrive and compete best against other species under a very specific set of environmental condition . If these conditions change , then the existing species will be replaced by a new set of species which are better adapted to the new conditions.

Succession is directional.

Succession will not go any further than the climax community.