Every once in a while, I get a message from another contributor asking for something further to an answer I have posted. How do I send a response?

I see the box that says "Go To Question", but in the case where it was a featured answer, it does not being me to an editable page (as far as I can tell).
What is the preferred way to send a comment back to another contributor?

1 Answer
Oct 17, 2017


The simplest way is to click on the 'go to your conversation' button in your email where you received the message.


Alternatively go to your page on Socratic and click on the little bell icon at the top of the page (it normally takes me 5 - 6 attempts on my iPad to hit it!)

This brings up your notifications and you can click through from there. If you want we can test it out .... I'll find an answer of yours and comment on it?

Let me know if you want to try it. Mark