Freebody diagram help please!?

I need to make a free body diagram of an object at rest. It must have at least 7 forces acting on it; they all must be different. Since the #F_n# and #F_g# are already there, I only really need 5 possible forces. For example, things such as clothing on a person count as a force, the friction preventing someone from moving, etc.

I tried looking for pictures for literally 3 hours and ended in vain. I really need a creative picture (that must be found on the internet (not created)).

My ideas were the movie scene where Iron Man picks up a car; that would have the force of the Iron Man suit and the force of the car on the person for the Free body diagram, but three more are needed; so that wouldn't work.

If you have any ideas that follow the criteria, please post the image in the answer section.

Thank you so much!

1 Answer
Nov 30, 2016

See if the diagram showing fcc packing helps

Consider the central magenta ball. It is in contact with three balls at the bottom and with three from the top. It will have six contact forces and seventh being its weight.