Given a 30-60-90 triangle in a polygon, for example, how can the apothem be used to find the area of a triangle?

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Jun 28, 2016

"Given a 30-60-90 triangle in a polygon" means the polygon is a hexagon.Because in a hexagon the apothem i.e.the perpendicular drawn from its center to any of its sides bisects the equilateral triangle in two equal halves forming two 30-60-90 triangle.So the apothem or the height of the equilateral triangle is known.We are to find out its area.

We know if the side of an equilateral triangle is a then its height #h=sqrt3/2a#

Again its area #A=1/2*a*sqrt3/2*a=sqrt3/4a^2#

Now we have #a=(2h)/sqrt3#

So expressing A interms of h


Now this equation can be used to calculate the area of the equilateral triangle knowing the apothem and the area of 30-60-90 triangle will be #A/2=1/6h^2#