How can I request deletion of an old question that appears to be unanswerable?

Stefan-V once suggested that we send him a message in this case but I can't get @stefan-zdre to work. Has Stefan left Socratic or is there a different @ name that I should be using?

1 Answer
Nov 23, 2017

Here's what you can do.


The quickest way to request the deletion of a question and/or answer is to flag it by clicking on Edit question #-># Report question [this drop-down menu is located right under the question, next to where the subject/topic are listed].

This adds the question/answer to a special list that I check multiple times during the day.

Alternatively, you can simply @mention me by writing @stefan-zdre in the comments section or send me a note by going to my profile page and clicking on Send Message.

Here's a quick way to find my profile page #-># to go to the Meta page

and look at the featured answers listed at the top of the page, I have an answer in there--or simply scroll down the page a bit to find one of my answers.

Anyway, the point here is that you can flag questions by letting me know about them, either by using the Flag question option or by leaving me an @mention or a note.

I delete more than #100# "stray" questions every week, so it goes without saying that any help in finding these unanswerable questions will be greatly appreciated! :)