How can scientists estimate the age of the universe? How does this estimate take into account Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

1 Answer
Apr 29, 2017

The scientists use the size of the universe and the speed of light.
This doesn't take into account Einstein's complete theory of Relativity.


By dividing the estimated size of the universe by the speed of light an approximate number for the age of the universe can be determined.

Accounting the theory of relativity the speed of light is a constant so the speed of light can not change. It makes sense that # D/V = T#
Since # Vxx T = D# This makes perfect sense at normal Velocities.

What these calculation failed to take into account is that Einstein's theory of relativity speaks of time as being relative. At the speed of light time ceases to exist. A photon can be created millions of light years away and instantly appear somewhere else. So while the speed of light is constant the time it takes light to travel is not.