How can you restore your answer?

I wrote an answer to a problem a few months ago and recently, someone was able to edit the answer that I wrote and completely change it so that it was nothing like I originally answered, and didn't even answer the question. I tried to click on "edit", but I didn't see a way to restore my original answer. Is there any way that I can restore my old answer? And in the future, can I make it so that others cannot edit or change my answer so that I can keep answering peoples questions without worrying that someone will completely change it?

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Feb 4, 2018


Give me a shout!


Regular contributors cannot restore answers--including their own--but moderators can, so if you're ever in need of help in this department, send me a note or @mention me in the comments section of the answer and I'll swing by to investigate.

This goes without saying, but we usually don't restore answers unless they have been drastically altered.

On that note, you should ask if your answer can be restored if

  • the original answer was replaced completely or if significant portions were deleted in the edit
  • inaccurate information was added in the edit