How did Martin Luther change Christianity?

1 Answer
Feb 3, 2017

Martin Luther made each person responsible for their own salvation and the Bible as the ultimate authority of Christianity.


Martin Luther challenged the authority of the Catholic Church. His challenge was successful. Martin Luther taught that the Bible was the ultimate authority not the teachings of the Catholic church, or the traditions of the Church. Because of this and the printing press the Bible was printed in the common languages of the people not just Latin that could only be read by the priest.

Instead of being depended on the Catholic church for salvation each person could be individually saved by grace. The idea of salvation by grace instead of works and merit was a major change in Christianity. Each person was suppose to read the Bible for themselves and decide what the Bible meant.

One result of the individualism taught by Luther was the formation of multiple branches of Christianity. Today there are 100's of denominations representing Christianity.

Anther result was the elevation of the common person or laity within Christianity. This was one of the causes of modern democracy.