How did the 1917 uprising against Czar Nicholas ll push the United States into entering WWI?

1 Answer
Sep 5, 2016

It really had no effect at all.


The Bolshevik revolution took the Russian troops out of its battle with Germany. And while this did allow Germany to move all its troops on the Eastern Front to the Western Front, the war was already in a stalemate which the extra German troops had little effect upon.

Wilson had known since 1916 the inevitability of the U.S. entering the war, it was just a matter of when. Wilson used the sinking of the ship Lusitania as his excuse but in truth he was already moving to aid America's number one trading partner, England.

The Lusitania sinking helped change public opinion about entering the war but that happened in 1915. Wilson used the German's submarine warfare, which endangered American lives and its Merchant Marines as the reason. But in truth, he believed by joining in he could bring the American economic system to the rest of the world as well as America's democratic structure.