How do acids and bases affect pH?

1 Answer
Mar 17, 2018

Acids lower the pH and bases increase the pH


pH is a measure of the acid concentration.
( measured in negative logs. )

At pH 7 the hydrogen ion concentration ( acid) # {H^+# or #H_3O^+}#
equals the hydroxide ion concentration ( base) {#OH^-1#}

Acids have Hydrogen ion concentrations of 1 (100%) to just less than #10^-7#
This is pH 0-6.9 Adding more acid increases the Hydrogen ion concentration lowering the pH.

Bases have Hydrogen ion concentrations greater than 10^-7 to # 10^-14# ( #10^-14# = 100% hydroxide ion concentration)

This is pH 7.1-14 Adding more base increases the hydroxide ion concentration and lowers the hydrogen ion concentration.