Properties of Acids and Bases

Key Questions

  • You are studying acids and bases??

    Bases have a high pH (above 7).
    They feel slippery.
    They form hydroxide ions when placed in solution (they may do this by releasing a hydroxide ion or by causing them to be formed)
    Bases are caustic (harmful to human skin)
    They taste bitter.
    Bases turn litmus paper blue and phenolphthlein pink.

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  • Answer:

    Acids lower the pH and bases increase the pH


    pH is a measure of the acid concentration.
    ( measured in negative logs. )

    At pH 7 the hydrogen ion concentration ( acid) # {H^+# or #H_3O^+}#
    equals the hydroxide ion concentration ( base) {#OH^-1#}

    Acids have Hydrogen ion concentrations of 1 (100%) to just less than #10^-7#
    This is pH 0-6.9 Adding more acid increases the Hydrogen ion concentration lowering the pH.

    Bases have Hydrogen ion concentrations greater than 10^-7 to # 10^-14# ( #10^-14# = 100% hydroxide ion concentration)

    This is pH 7.1-14 Adding more base increases the hydroxide ion concentration and lowers the hydrogen ion concentration.

  • Answer:

    See below :


    1) They are sour in taste.
    2) They can be corrosive
    3) They turn blue litimus paper into red, yellow methyl orange into red and phenolpthalein into colorless