How do bryophytes differ from tracheophytes?

1 Answer
Mar 16, 2018

The main difference between tracheophytes and bryophytes is the presence and absence of vascular system, respectively.


Tracheophytes are vascular plants and bryophytes are non-vascular plants . Tracheophytes attain large size but brypohytes are tiny plants due to the absence of vascular system.

Bryophytes also differ from tracheophytes in the pattern of alternation of generations. Alternation of generation is the phenomenon in which diploid sporophytic generation alternates with haploid gametphytic generation.

Sporophytic generation reproduces asexually by meiospores. Haploid meiospores germinate to produce gametophtic generation. Gametophytic generation reproduces sexually by gametes . Gametes fuse to form zygote that develops into sporophyte. These two genertations follow each other in alternate sequence.

This phenomeon of alternation of generatons is exhibited in both brophytes and tracheophytes. However in tracheophytes * main plant body is sporophyte* and the gametophtic generation is reduced; whereas in bryophytes gametophtic generation is main plant body and the soprophytc generation is reduced and parasitic on gametophyte. It does not have independent existence.