How do people cause global warming when man is responsible for only 3.4% of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere annually? Isn't global warming just part of the natural cycles of the earth?

Everything else is all natural. Mars is losing its ice caps just like earth and it has approximately the same average temperature increase. Did you ever think that it could be the sun causing it? Otherwise that means our CO2 is traveling to Mars.

The planet has obviously gone through heating and cooling cycles dating back thousands of years ago. There is scientific proof that an ice age killed off the dinosaurs. The ice age is over because of past global warming. The planet's temperature is natural and there is no way that man kind can control the environment. Won't the earth continue going through natural cycles just like it has forever?

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Jan 9, 2016

Due to the fact that man's contribution is increasing.


The fact that carbon dioxide is increasing is where the problem lies. It doesn't matter how much humans are contributing compared to other sources, the fact is that the human contribution is the only one that is increasing substantially.

It is ridiculous and dangerous to think that man cannot control the environment. We are putting 3-4 times as much carbon dioxide (by weight) than the entire amount of material ejected by Krakatoa during the eruption in 1871, every single year. The global climate was impacted for about 5 years after that eruption.

Now granted that volcanic ash has a much greater impact than carbon dioxide, the fact remains that humans keep increasing the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere every year, whereas the material from Krakatoa fell back to Earth over 5 years due to gravity.

The Earth and Sun have to remain in balance in order for climate to remain the same. That is to say that the Earth must radiate the same amount of heat that it receives from the Sun. Any change to any variable is going to cause that system to have to rebalance itself. The way that the Earth-Sun system reaches equilibrium again after greenhouse gases increase is the average global temperature has to increase, so that the Earth can then increase the amount of heat it is radiating.