How do rates of reaction apply to daily life?

1 Answer
Jul 19, 2015

Rate of reaction is simply a measurement of chemical activity of a certain reaction.


Just like any other types of measurement, such as length, mass, and time, rate of reaction is playing a major role in our daily life. It is crucial to optimize the rate of reaction to obtain the best performance of the reaction.

As given in the answer by Michael, our body system consists lots of biological reactions. If a biochemical reaction in our body is too fast or too slow, it can endanger our life. There are a lot of studies involve in studying the optimization of the rate of reaction in our body. For example, if a medicine is developed to counter a specific disease, it is crucial to optimize the rate of its effect in our body. If such medicine will release heat during reaction in our body, it is important to make the reaction is slower, therefore ensuring the patient will not experience high fewer during medication.

In other example, rate of reaction is obviously very important to the chemical industry. The rate of reaction dictates the rate of production of our daily products. In order to meet the demand and safety standards, optimization of rate of reaction is nonetheless the most important subject to control and study.

There are some other small things that involve rate of reaction in our life as well, such as cooking, cleaning and so on.