How do tides affect ocean life?

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Sep 19, 2016


See explanation.


Fluid molecules make compounded periodic oscillations, due to

periodic changes in the lunar and solar attractions of the Earth. This

goes unnoticed, in continental waters, including rivers.

In seas, this causes tides.

The rise and fall are periodic, with every day mini/max due to the

Earth's day/night spin, that lead to annual mini/max levels,. In a lunar

month of about 27 days, at New Moon,

The rise is a maximum due to the Sun-Moon-Earth alignment.

At the opposite Sun-Earth-Moon alignment, at Full Moon, it is a

minimum. So, there are about 13 maximum ( Spring Tide ) levels and

about 13 ( Neap Tide ) minimum levels, in a year.

EDGE EFFECT: In Spring Tides, there is heavy inflow into river

mouths, bays and estuaries The recession of this seawater, back to

the sea, is complete in the following neap tide.

It is obvious that this to and fro current on the shores of seas

affects sea life at the bottom near shore and edge of the seas.

BOTTOM EFFECT: Also, at even greater depths, mild wetting and

drying cycle. due to rise and fall of the entire localized body of sea

water, affects sea life, far away, from the shores.