How do you change mol to grams?

1 Answer
Jun 12, 2014

You multiple the mole value of the element or compound by the molar mass.

For example, if you have 2.00 moles of water, #H_2O#, then you can convert this to 36.0 grams of water.

This is accomplished by multiplying 2.0 moles of water by the molar mass of water which is 18 g/mole.

Remember that the molar mass is obtained by adding the molar masses of gram formula masses of the individual elements.

The water molecule contains 2 hydrogen atoms

The molar mass of hydrogen is 1.0 g/mol. If you have 2 hydrogen atoms, the molar of these two atoms is 2.0 g/mol.

The water molecule has 1 oxygen atom which has a molar mass of 16.0 g/mol.

If you add 2.0 and 16.0, you obtain a molar mass of 18.0g/mol.