How do you factor #24x^2y + 6x^2y^2 + 30y^2 #?

1 Answer
May 12, 2018

Search for numbers or variables they have in common


If you look at the numbers, 24, 6, and 30, they can all be divided by 6. So divide everything by six, write what's left in brackets and add 6 as a multiplier.

#6 (4x^2y + 1x^2y^2+ 5y^2)#

Now on to the variables! They all have a y in common. Just do the same as above and it'll look like this:


Now if you want (I don't think it'll help you in this case), you can also exclude #y^2# leaving
#6y^2(4x^2/y +1x^2+5)#