How do you find the amplitude and period of #Arc Sec#?

1 Answer
Jul 5, 2015

arcsec does not have a (meaningful) amplitude or period.
You seem to have confused arcsec with the direct trigonometric functions


arcsec(x) is an angle; typically its value is restricted to angles in the range #[0,2pi)#

In terms of a unit circle arcsec(x) is the angle #theta# such that the hypotenuse divided by the adjacent side of a unit circle triangle based at the origin has the ratio #x#.
Since the hypotenuse must be at least as long as any other side #x# is undefined for any value in the range #(-1,+1)#

The graph below demonstrates the arcsin relationship.
The vertical axis is the angle (in radians).
The horizontal axis is the arcsin argument value.

graph{x=sec(y) [-14.24, 14.23, -7.11, 7.13]}