How do you find the slope and intercept of #x-4=0#?

1 Answer
Nov 6, 2015

x-intercept = 4
y-intercept = -4
Slope = 1


To find all of these, we use slope-intercept form, y = mx + b. An intercept is when the line crosses an axis. Your question already assumes when y = 0, so if we solve for x we get
x = 4
Which is our x-intercept. If we put in y for 0, we get x - 4 = y, and if we change x to 0, we can find where the line crosses the x-axis.
y = -4
Lastly for slope we look at the coefficient in front of x, which since there is not one shown, it is actually 1x. This gives us
Slope = 1.