How do you graph #2y - 3x > 6#?

1 Answer
Apr 17, 2015

To graph the inequality, the line 2y-3x=6 needs to be graphed first.

To do this choose any two points on the line by assigning any arbitrary value to x and finding out the corresponding y. In this case if x=0, then y will be 3. Hence one point would be (0,3). Like wise, if x= -2, y will be 0. The other point would thus be (-2,0).

Plot the two points on the graph and join. The region of the inequality would lie to the left of this line. The line itself would not be a part of the inequality, hence it needs to be a dotted line.

[ to decide which side of the line the region would lie, choose any point on either side the line and see if it satisfies the inequality. If it does, the region would cover all the points on that side of the line. If does not, then the region would lie to the opposite side]