How do you graph #3x+12y>4# on the coordinate plane?

1 Answer
May 6, 2017

graph{3x + 12y > 4 [-93.7, 93.8, -46.84, 46.94]}
The graph above is the one you wish for.


In this, you want every combination to make a number under four.

Let's simplify it a little, first.
#x + 4y > 1#
For this, you should start with a table.

Take -1 for an example.

If x is -1, what can y be to be above 1?
If we consider that a quarter of the x value makes the y value, the line should be at #x + 4y = -1# and should fill in everything else above, as that fills the specification. Technically, it should NOT include zero but you can claim that it goes one atom above zero. In a real environment. However, try to make it 0.1 over the answer just to make sure you get it right.