How do you graph #5x-2y=-10# using intercepts?

1 Answer
Mar 16, 2018

In order to graph this equation using intercepts you need to find the intercepts by setting each variable to zero and then solving for the other.


To begin solving for the intercepts, recall that the y-intercept of your graph is the point on the y axis when x=0. The x intercept is the point on the graph where y=0..

You can begin by converting your standard formula to slope intercept form, or you can leave it as it is, substitute in the zero for one of your variables and solve for the other.

#5x-2(0)=-10# <-- original equation
#5x=-10# <-- substitution of 0 for y and simplification
#x=-2# <-- divide both sides by 5 to isolate x.

This tells us that when y = 0, x = -2. Therefore the coordinate of the x intercept is (-2,0)

For the y Intercept:
#5(0)-2y-10# <-- original equation
#-2y=-10# <-- Substitution of 0 for x and simplification. (don't forget to bring your negative sign along for the ride.)
#y=5# <-- Divide both sides by -2 to isolate y.

Therefore, the ordered pair for our y-intercept will be (0,5)

Plot these points on your graph and then connect the dots.