How do you graph #f(x) = -2 * 3sqrtx#?

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Roy Ø. Share
May 14, 2018


Use Excel to calculate a number of points, #(x, -6sqrt(x))#, and plot them on a graph paper.


First we note that x must be positive for us to be able to graph it.

We have #f(x)=-2*3sqrt(x)=-6sqrt(x)#

Using for instance Geogebra we get:
enter image source here

If we have to plot it manually on a graph paper, we first need to calculate some points which the graph should go through. The easiest would be to use Excel, where we have the x values in one column and let Excel calculate #-6sqrt(x)# in another column, like this:

enter image source here

Then we plot the values in our praph paper and draw a nice line through the points that we have ploted.

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