How do you graph #f(x)=7^x#?

2 Answers

Using the grapher we get

graph{7^x [-20, 20, -10, 10]}

Sep 9, 2015

If not using an automatic grapher or you need specific points, find "enough" points and connect them.


If you have access to a graphing calculator (or graphing calculator app), it can be a good way to see the general shape of a graph. You could use the table function on the calculator to see a bunch of points to make sure your graph goes through the right points.

If you don't have this available, select values for 'x', put them in the equation to find the 'y' values of the points. Graph enough points to see the shape of the graph and then connect the points.

For example, put x=1 into the equation and you get y=7. This tells you one point is (1,7). Put x=0 into the equation and you get y=1. Another point is (0,1).

After finding more points you'll see the graph is curved. Don't just do "dot-to-dot". Instead, draw a smooth curve through the points.