How do you graph the equation by plotting the points y = x - 2?

1 Answer
Oct 23, 2017

Plot the y-intercept and then use the rise over run method.


To graph any equation, you just pick points and connect them. If you are asking how to graph a linear equation such as #y = x - 2# without having to pick random points, then keep reading.

#y = mx + b# (slope-intercept form)
#y = x - 2#
The linear equation in question is in a slope-intercept form. The slope#= m = 1# and the y-intercept#= b = -2#.

First, we plot our y-intercept which is equal to -2. This means that our y-intercept is at #(0, -2)#. Graph the point #(0, -2)#.

Second, we know that our slope is equal to 1. This means that from our y-intercept that we graphed, we will plot points by doing the rise over run method. Since our slope #m# is equal to 1, then #m=1=(rise)/(run) = 1/1#. This means that we will go 1 unit up and 1 unit to the right.

graph{x-2 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}