How do you graph the inequality #y<3#?

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Apr 5, 2017

See explanation


Basically this means all those values of y that are less than 3.

If you wish to do a 2 dimensional representation of this (graph) you plot #y=3# but you use a dotted line. This signifies that the value of y may not take on the value shown. In this case #y!=3#

You indicate which side of the line relate to the permitted values of y by shading. As in the following graph:
Tony B

Another way of showing this would be to use a number line. I am not sure about the convention regarding horizontal or vertical. I choose horizontal:

Notice the hollowed dot at the three. This signifies that the value may not be 3. You would use a solid dot if it could. I forgot to label the line. You would have to state is as being the value of y.

Tony B