How do you graph the system #y ≥ - 5# and #y ≤ 2x + 5# and #y ≤ -2x + 5#?

1 Answer
Apr 27, 2015

For graphing the system, first graph the lines y= -5, y= 2x+5 and y= -2x+5 in usual manner.

y>= -5 would represent the region lying above y= -5, y<= 2x+5 would represent the region to the left of y=2x+5 and y<= -2x+5 would represent the region to the right of y= -2x+5. This can be easily verified by observing the location of point (0,0) which satisfies all the three inequalities.

The region represented by the system would be the region common to all of them. This would be a triangular region bounded by the three lines. These lines would also be part of the common region. To highlight the region, it can be shaded to distinguish it from rest of the region.