How do you name alkanes from Newman projections?

1 Answer
Apr 1, 2014

To name an alkane from a Newman projection, you convert the projection to a line structure; then you write the IUPAC name.


Name the alkane shown in the following Newman projection.


One C atom is at the front of the circle. Another C atom hides behind the circle. You must trace the bonds through the structure.

Pick the longest chain attached to the front C atom. That is one of the three CH₃ groups. Label the CH₃ carbon C-1.

C-1 attaches to C-2, the front carbon

C-2 attaches to the other two CH₃ groups and to the hidden C-3. Label the front carbon C-2.

C-3 attaches to two H atoms and a CH₂CH₃ group, which forms the rest of the chain.

Label the CH₂ carbon as C-4.

Label the CH₃ carbon as C-5.

Draw the line structure.

C-1 = CH₃
C-2 = C(CH₃)₂
C-3 = CH₂
C-4 = CH₂
C-5 = CH₃

Your structure should look something like

Write the IUPAC name.

The alkane is 2,2-dimethylpentane.