How do you sketch the graph of #y=-1/4x^2# and describe the transformation?

1 Answer
Dec 11, 2017

This is an equation of parabola.
Standard equation of a parabola with Y axis symmetry is given by
#(X-h)^2 = 4p(Y-k)#


Simply rearranging the terms from y= #-1/4 x^2#
you can get the standard equation of a parabola
as #4*(-1)(Y-k) = (x-0)^2#.
This is a downward opening parabola with negative Y axis as the axis of symmetry.
From the standard equation the co-ordinates of focus are (h,k+p).
So the focus of this parabola is (0,-1).
the vertex is (h,k) => vertex is (0,0)