How do you solve #3/4x + 1/4y > 1?

1 Answer
May 3, 2015

To solve the inequality #3/4x+1/4y>1#, implies identifying the region in the coordinate plane in which the inequality holds good.

To do this, it is first required to graph the line #3/4x+1/4y=1#. Then, to identify the region consider some point, say the origin (0,0) and see if it satisfies the inequality. In this case it is found that this does not satisfy the inequality, because it results in 0>1, which is not true.

As can be seen from the graph, (0,0) lies to the left of the line, hence the region of inequality would lie to its right. The points on the line itself would not be part of the inequality. To distinguish the region, it needs to be shaded.