How do you solve #sqrt(x-3)-sqrtx=3#?

1 Answer
Jul 28, 2016


There are no solutions.


The equation given can be reformed to give:
#sqrt(x-3) = sqrt(x)+3#

This is equivalent to asking where two functions intersect. The functions in this case are:
#y = sqrt(x-3)#
#y = sqrt(x) + 3#

Merely observing the graph of the functions makes it clear that the two will never intersect:
graph{(y-sqrt(x-3))(y-sqrt(x)+3)=0 [-10.97, 46.77, -9.94, 18.93]}

You may note that the functions appear to head toward one another at #x=0#. At this point the functions both become imaginary valued. If the graph were continued in complex space, they still would not intersect.