How do you solve using gaussian elimination or gauss-jordan elimination, #2x-4y+0z=10#, #x+y-2z=-11#, #7x-3y+z=-7#?

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Oct 6, 2017


Convert the system of linear equations into a matrix, and then solve using a series of Elementary Row Operations.


Elementary Row Operations are 3 operations where you can multiply a row, switch two rows, and add a multiple of one row and then add it to another.

Gaussian elimination just means you have to get the matrix into a form that will have main diagonal (just as it sounds; every entry from the top left going straight into the bottom right) is all 1's, there is only 0's beneath said ones, and any complete rows of 0's only (if any) are at the bottom

Gaussian-Jordan is one step further, where you find the matrix with zero's above the one's as well.


#x=95/3, y=40/3#, and #z=28#


enter image source here

Solved using Gaussian elimination

#x=95/3, y=40/3, z=28#