How do you solve #x + 4 < 2# or #x - 4 > -1#?

1 Answer
Apr 24, 2015

To solve linear inequalities the very first step is to take the like terms on one side of the inequality.


So, to solve the first inequality we can see that constants are the two like terms that is why, we will take the constants to one side.

  • #x<2-4#
    As, we are taking 4 to the other side this +4 will become - 4 because we apply the inverse operation and the inverse operation of addition is subtraction. That is why, when we take the +4 to other side it will become -4.

  • #x<-2#

For solving the next inequality again we will take the like terms to one side so our inequality will look something like this:-
#x> - 1+4#
The -4 became a positive 4 because when we take any quantity from one side to the other we apply the inverse operation. As inverse operation of addidition is subtraction +4 became -4.This will be,-
The answer will be +3 and not a -3 because we apply the operation of the bigger number in the answer. As, 4 >1 that is why the answer is a +3.